Fine art Practices 2 (0UFA 408) Module Evaluation

Throughout this module we worked collaboratively to make work that used studio based collaboration projects that didn’t last very long. This practical collaboration gave me a much more realistic insight into it and made me understand that collaboration has to be a culmination of ideas and thoughts to form one work, or at least it did in the projects that I participated in. This project forced us to be social and make strong connections with the artists that we were grouped with which in turn plays a large part in our own practices as we can always learn from our peers.

We were forced to make work in ways that fitted the tasks that we had been set and this rarely turned out to coincide with our practice and often collaboration gave us new avenues that we could have explored further in our work. AV, performance and installation only touch on the disciplines that went into making work in this module for me, these are all things that, at the time of writing this, I wouldn’t have initiated in my practice.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 18.57.47.png
Project 1 : The Obstructions Performance

Collaboration meant that in many ways the work could have more impact and when we were asked to approach a group outside of the college, it was apparent that our presence because much more of an advantage. This turned out to be especially true in Project 3: ‘Artist/Community’ as we approached a group of troubled homeless people searching for salvation at St Georges Crypt. Had there been less of us this may have turned out to be a very different work or circumstance and this would have probably affected the work hat we made and the relationships that we built with the members of the group.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 18.57.59.png
Father Jon Swales at St. Georges Crypt 2016

Collaboration forced a lot of experimentation on us as artists and I could tell that we all thought differently towards these projects as we had no individual agendas and had to work as a whole. The experimental side of this I believe showed through in all of the works that we made as none followed the current conventions of my own work.

From the module, I feel as though I now have a better understanding of how a collaborative project may work and I would certainly feel more comfortable undertaking one in the future. I also feel as though I can expect the differences that the group may have and that these should be embraced to form an outcome that reflects the whole groups ambitions for the work.

In the future, I feel as though I would collaborate, maybe not in the same way as we did for these projects but possibly as a group or even duo that start a project knowing what they would like to take from the work as I feel that this commonality would be a very valuable asset.


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