Fine Art Practices 3 (0UFA 409) Module Evaluation

This module started with a continuation of my previous work in fine art practices 1. I focussed my attention on sculptural objects that were again, almost abstract when they lacked their context. Initially this went well and I painted these to complete the challenges that Duncan set us in the four-week painting challenge. I took lots of photos of the objects and decided to move to different variations of the clips that i was looking at This then developed into looking into a range of objects that i could take photographs of and in doing this I kept the same chiaroscuro techniques that I had employed previously.

Analogous Clips 2

However, I felt that this work restricted me as it was very much a continuation of the previous project and so following a conversation with my tutors I decided to go back to a series of images that I had been taking focussing on objects and places that i had encountered. These objects still featured the contrasting light and strong shadows that the chiaroscuro does but they were by far much more ordinary and less abstracted. The idea of painting these images interested me as I gave the objects much more ‘time’ than usual, addressing their importance to me or everyone else as tools in society.

I first painted a tape measure and I thought about how useful this item was and the way that it had been designed to appeal to consumers as an object. The things that interest me had been designed to be appealing and so I found them appealing to paint, this made clear sense to me. I wanted to paint things that I liked to paint while being able to experiment with the way that I painted the objects as I have done throughout my practice so far.

2.7.2 Doorway

I am finding artists such as Alex Hanna and Jonny Green inspiring, as they are artists who made still life work and also focus a lot of their attention on the objects in our lives. I have currently found interest in Michael chamberlain and still find Sam Dalby’s work interesting, not only for his subject matter but for how he paints.

I am taking photographs and then cropping them to give much more concise images to work from, one good image can be cropped to give numerous possibilities for a painting and since starting this body of work I am beginning to see paintings everywhere. In addition to this I have recently been taking images that look painterly before they have even been painted. My work currently explores the relationship that I can make between photography and painting and how I can cross both platforms to create a hybrid.

Oranges In The Daylight

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