Journal Reviews

This post will briefly summarise four art journals, it will give a short description of their content. The journals I will review are Art Forum, Art Journal, Turps Banana, Flash Art and the local publication Nest Magazine.

Turps Banana


This publication is written by painters for painters. It aims to inform artists and acts as a platform for them to discuss their work and how they make work, it broadcasts the ideas and thoughts of painters themselves. Turps Banana features an array of work and doesn’t have a style or preference in the work hat it shows, they are open to creativity and often depict painting in the expanded field. Now in its seventeenth issue, the magazine is celebrating the native New York artist Tomas Nozkowski and it features writing by the artist and writings on artists throughout the issue.

Art Monthly


A U.K Based magazine showcasing global contemporary art, this publication keeps its readers up to date with the ever changing art scene both in the U.K and internationally, this is done within its ten issues per annum that feature interviews with up and coming artists. This is the only regular art publication that has a permanent column written on artists books. The latest issue (May 2017) boasts an interview with Rodney Graham and features Sophie J Wiliamson’s (Mis)Translation.

Art Forum


This publication includes columns, features and reviews. Readers are kept up to date with current and upcoming exhibitions and the magazine includes lengthy critiques artists work int he contemporary art scene. The column section of the issue incorporates information on current books, films and culture for the readers. This publication keeps its readers in the know about the latest news and announcements in the art world an on their website this is done on a daily basis. The latest issue (April 2017) features 1000 words by Marie Eichhorn and features a text on Raymon Pettibon by Alan Licht.

Flash Art


A multi national publication, flash art appeals to a wide audience and also includes, news, features and writing columns, the publication features a range of fine art disciplines.

Nest Magazine


This much smaller magazine features the work of Leeds College of Art students and intends to attract attention to their work. Any student of LCA can apply to be featured in this magazine that is made by the students union and Kai West. Each issue has a focus and the upcoming issue looks at the theme of space, the previous issue, number 10 dealt with the theme of focus. Students are asked to submit with a brief description of their work and practice. The magazine comprises of a very simple and contemporary layout. The works are the main features of the publications and this can be followed up via their Instagram account and on the web.

All in all, it is clear that art journals are there to keep those who wish to be informed on the contemporary art scent, informed. This is done on a variety of levels, whether it be an international publication or a local, institution based publication, they share the same aim. the journals themselves may have independent priorities, such as the art market, artists or a particular discipline.




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