YNOT? First Year External Exhibition

This years level 4 external exhibition took place at Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf Street with the opening night on the 28th April. The opening night ran from 5pm to 9pm, the event had a very pleasing turn out, a mix of artists, students and the general public where amongst those to turn up. The attendance of the exhibition was down to the success of the marketing and social media posts from the artists that where involved in the exhibit. I feel that the opening night went according to plan and that the exhibition was enjoyed by those that came. The atmosphere was inviting and friendly, with a warm pride amongst the students as this is the first time for us to exhibit our as a year group. The exhibition felt professional and so did the work on show. I could see that the people who came to see the exhibition respected the work properly and it was evident that a lot of effort that had gone into the making of the work that we had produced, and into making the space feel as welcoming as it did.

Curated Exhibition Space

For the exhibition, I submitted a painting, 2.77.2 Doorway, into the exhibition as this is the work that I feel conveys this particular body of work best. The quotidian, sense of place and stillness where captured in this composition. As one of the final works I made for my final module, this was also one of the more refined things that I have made during level 4. The work was shown near the doorway that links one of the rooms in the exhibition to the other, as the painting was of a doorway itself, its curation mimicked the sense of passage and thoroughfare that the painting did and also reflected upon the everyday that I explored.

2.7.2 Doorway Exhibited

Overall I feel that the exhibition went successfully and I see that my peers feel the same, the exhibition has provided us with experience and has given us involvement in the construction of an show. Through this project we have all shown our work to the public in an exterior environment and this forced us to be decisive about the work that we have shown as each artist participating could only show a singular piece. We have had to adhere to strict deadlines and schedules to make it possible, and with planning and involvement we have succeeded.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg
Exhibition Space on the opening night



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