My Role As A Project Manager for Y NOT?

My role as a project manager for this exhibition has meant that I have been involved in numerous aspects of its organisation, set up, running and closure. As a group, marketing and fundraising were the first things that we had to address. Without these, the rest of the exhibition would have been less successful. Alongside the other project managers, I had to ensure that these things where done and that our peers knew their role and the marketing team and fundraising teams felt clear in the tasks that needed doing. The exhibition title was decided upon, after a few issues, The initial title was deemed unsuitable by our tutors and the title that came second in our online poll was unclear as the results had changed following the deadline. As project managers, we had to communicate with the tutors and with the group, as well as delivering the decisions from one party to the other, both verbally and over email conversations.

Once the name was decided, the poster then had to be designed. Thankfully, a member of the marketing team had been working on one and the rest of the group helped to refine the design through a collaborative online discussion. We agreed that we needed to start marketing the exhibition to the public. However, it was pointed out that this wasn’t fair for the other members of the marketing team who wanted to input their designs. Subsequently, this led to another vote on the final poster design. As it was argued that we rushed the process and that we should take more time to come up with an idea as it was going to represent us to the public. The voting procedure and deadlines where collectively made by project managers and we tried to ensure that the whole process went as smoothly as possible, we then put the final designs to our tutors.

Following this, both the marketing and fundraising teams where left to continue with their roles and we remained in their group chats as we could discuss the work as it progressed or we could help with the decisions what where made. It allowed us to easily share the opinions of the tutors and it enabled us to see what was happening in all aspects of the development of the exhibition. My role as a project manager here helped me to oversee the work of the groups and be there in case they needed to contact me or any of the project managers to ask any questions regarding the exhibition.

Meanwhile, we had had issues regarding the venue, Richard kept the project managers informed on the progress of this decision. Myself and another project manager went along with tutors, Richard and April, to view a backup venue choice knowing that we didn’t have total security of the initial venue. As project managers, this enabled us to report back to the year about the other venue and it allowed us to share the details of the space, such as its size, aesthetic, location etc.

When a location had been decided upon and the Easter break had ended, I supported the logistics team when moving the work from the van into the space and helped to prepare the space as did everyone else. During the week allotted to space preparation, I made sure that I was down there every day except the Wednesday as I was unable to be there.

Preparing the space for the opening night.

I understood that one of my main roles throughout our exhibition was to act as a reliable link between the students and the tutors, and that I was there to ensure that the information passed between our group was accurate. In addition to this, I helped wherever I could and assisted throughout the whole process. During the exhibition period, I made myself available for invigilation and on Saturday morning, with others, I opened the exhibition space and invigilated the space.

During the closure of the exhibition on the 2nd of May, we had to dismantle the walls that we had constructed to hang the work on and remove all of our work from within the space. Following this, the work had to be transported back to college for collection later in the week or had to be taken away from the exhibition site and stored in our own space. During this process, I assisted in the removal of the panels from the walls that the estates team had installed to give us extra wall space. I then helped to load these into the van in addition to the work, tools and fixings.

Exhibition site following the exhibition.



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