Level 5 Progression plan.

Level 4 has provided opportunities for me to learn a lot as an artist and I feel that my knowledge of material and surface preparation has grown, I hope that this continues as I progress into level 5. I feel comfortable within my course and as though I have landed in the right place. This course has been much more stimulating than that I made in my foundation course, and this has led onto me making a more in depth and developed body of work. I have surprised myself with the work that I have made as I am now understanding that it is my own interest that I should focus my work on rather than that of others as I have previously.

Over the summer, I plan to continue my work. My sketchbook will be the main area where I develop my ideas and thoughts over the summer for more practical reasons. I hope to continue taking photographs as well and I doubt that these will change much as. In level 5 I think that I will continue my interests in still life and objects, hopefully I will make larger work that explores scale a little more than the work that I have been making recently as they have all been pretty small scale.

Over the course of level 5 I hope to experiment and refine my paintings further, digital work is also something that I may try over the summer if I get the chance as I think that this would provide a fast method for making small paintings that show my intentions, I have recently been to see Hockney’s digital paintings and this is influencing me to try and do some of my own, although this isn’t certain.

I feel that over the summer, my interest in ‘Objects and ‘Places will continue and my photographic library will develop. However, in addition to this, over the past few weeks I have been walking a lot more with my brother, and consequently I have been making drawings of the landscape in my sketchbook, hopefully this will continue as I am enjoying this. I enjoy recording the landscape first hand and it works well with cycling which I also enjoy outside of college. I like the way that this work differs from that I have been making at college.


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