Personal and Professional Practice (OUFA 402) Module Evaluation

This module required me to create an evaluative blog, a self-reflective video and deliver a presentation on a chosen text/movement. I feel as though this module has provided me with a place to stop and think about the work I have been making and I have thought about my work in the context of art history and the contemporary art scene. It has also provided me with space to escape the rush of my practice and has enabled me to see it from a different perspective. Because of this, throughout this module I feel as though it has continually aided my practice and helped me to become more comfortable with it as the year has progressed.

The presentation I gave focussed on Clement Greenberg’s text on postmodernism. This part of the module forced me to closely engage with the text and following this I discovered that my work could support modernism and subvert it as an artistic movement, from this I looked at my practice with material in mind and this led to a development in my understanding in materiality through my own exploration. The presentation that I developed lasted the allotted five minutes and I managed to answer everyone’s questions on the text following its delivery. Although I felt nervous for the presentation, I now know that preparation for a presentation is paramount for it to be successful.

Image result for wassily kandinsky
Composition VIII, Painting by modernist painter, Wassily Kandinsky

The blog has enabled me to remove myself from the hectic studio work in a more academic environment. This has provided me with headspace and after stepping away from my studio work for a while I have felt prepared to go back to working again. Through writing the blog I have learnt valuable skills with ‘’ for the future and the blog is something that I may continue as my course proceeds. The blog that I have made includes all of the posts that are required for the module and has involved thought around my work and about my work, has certainly helped me to become a more self-analytical artist.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.54.48.png
Blog Header

The Ninety second video that we have been asked to make has forced me to remove myself from my comfort zone, and through doing this I have used software that I had previously no experience with, and again I have learnt valuable skills for the future. I have been asked to think about my practice in a different way and I have had to portray my practice. This self-promotion enabled me to see the flaws in my work and the positives as well. The end result, lasting exactly ninety seconds is restricted with my abilities on Premier Pro, despite this I feel it conveys my work and the narration explains what my current practice has been based around.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.55.44.png
Ninety Second Video Screenshot

In conclusion, I have been able to reflect on my work and this module has enabled me to freely evaluate my development as a practitioner so far and has enhanced my understanding of the professional art world, both in the past and today. I have then been able to evaluate this work and liken it to my own. It has also enabled me to communicate my practice to an audience through self-promotion and networking.



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